We own a 2010 Mercedes (Freightliner) Sprinter 170" WB 2500.

We chose this make and model because Matt's 6'1" and we wanted to be able to stand upright. Also he's too tall to sleep wall to wall, so we had to have the bed going front to back. This meant the bed would be eating into the rest of the space by about 20 inches so we decided to get the longer 170" version.


It cost us about $21,000 when we bought it in 2016, with 86,000 miles.

We bought it from Ryder out of Buffalo, NY who I don't recommend and wouldn't ever do business with them again.

We hired Lemon Squad (highly recommend!) who found numerous issues they had Ryder fix before we arrived.  This saved us tons of money, time, and frustration (but there was more of that to come). Although Ryder shared repair history, they didn't disclose body damage that had been repaired. Unfortunately we are still dealing with a sticky and rusting sliding door because of it. 

It goes without saying...

Whenever buying a vehicle you should be careful and do your due diligence. In this case we put a little too much trust in a national brand, Ryder, and got a little burned. It could have been worse, but it also could have been a lot better.